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SLA PowerBox - SLA Plugin for Atlassian JIRA | Service Level Agreement in JIRA

SLA PowerBox works with

JIRA versions

Deliver on Time

Keep track of the time left according to all clocks assigned to the issue and track multiple KPIs. Just take a look at a colour status (green, blue, orange, or red) and you know close the time limit is.

With SLA PowerBox you can create multiple SLA Goals (e.g. time to resolution, time to first response, time per assignee). Each SLA Goal has its own time measurement which is started, stopped, resumed, finished, and cancelled by performing given changes performed on any (chosen by you) JIRA field in an issue, e.g. time to first response’s measurement is usually set to start when the issue is created and stop when the first comment is made. Every SLA Goal has its own KPI tracker which shows the active to hold ratio, number of restarts, time in on hold, number of breaches, time in goal, SLA Calendar assigned to the SLA Goal. Multiple SLA Goals may be assigned to one issue and they run independently. Thanks to that SLA PowerBox is a brilliant tool to managing the most complex SLAs (one or multiple) in an organization or team.

Analyze Efficiency

Analyse Efficiency

Check how much time was spent on each status before the issue got resolved or who worked on an issue. Identify bottlenecks and ineffective processes in your workflow.

SLA Analytics allows you to create time measurements based on any JIRA and SLA Metrics. Customized time analysis provides you with key metrics for your SLA and/or your business. The data collected will show you slowdowns, and their circumstances (including: issue type, status, creator, assignees, and more). Equipped with SLA Analytics you will easily analyse, and improve efficiency of your organization’s processes.

SLA History Audit

Event Level SLA Audit

Get detailed statistics to see full SLA Metric history directly on your view issue screen. Use text or chart format depending on your needs.

We truly understand SLAs have to be auditable. With SLA PowerBox you can review issue history step-by-step and optimize your business processes to keep you customers satisfied.

Issue Navigator

Powerful Search

It's essential to get SLA reports online. SLA PowerBox provides full set of JQL Functions to find issues you're looking for.

Find your issues on time. Effective search capabilities are crucial for extensive SLA management. With SLA PowerBox you can easily find all relevant issues with simple JQL Functions. It doesn't matter you're looking for breached SLAs or cancelled ones - we provide you with all the tools.

SLA Dashboard

Keep Track

Watch the progress of issues in one place. Organize your data in customized charts and tables with stats and alerts. Thanks to SLA PowerBox icons, which are all colours and symbols, you can track the time progress and check the time limit directly from your dashboard.

Keep track of the SLA delivery on a daily or hourly basis without wasting time on generating numerical reports and analysing vast data sets. Thanks to SLA PowerBox icons you can check the most important metrics with just a glance. The SLA PowerBox icons use colours and symbols to provide you with the most important facts with just a glance.

Customize your JIRA dashboard with Filtered Results, and it will show you SLA PowerBox icons that include: time left (based on the SLA Goal), progress information or warning with basic colours, and extra information with an icon (in progress, finished on time, time breached).


Wallet-Friendly Licensing

Doesn't matter how many JIRA Application you host in your instance. No Service Desk agent license is required to see SLAs.

SLA PowerBox is a JIRA add-on, and it does not require any changes in your current JIRA working nor licensing models. It empowers your Atlassian tools with a set of brilliant features, but does not influence your existing configuration.

Works with all project types in JIRA Software, JIRA Core and JIRA Service Desk. With SLA PowerBox you will be able to serve the most sophisticated SLA models with no hassle.

Enjoy 30-days free trial!

SLA PowerBox fully functional free evaluation license is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

SLA on the Marketplace

Configuration in a nutshell

1. SLA Metrics

Track different SLAs with different Metrics. Creating new ones is as easy as adding new custom fields. Each SLA Metric can be assigned to SLA Agreements. You can choose one from a number of presentation methods (renderers) for the Metrics depending on your preferences. Do you want to see just deadline of the SLA? It's easy. Just create a SLA Date field and put it into a screen.

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2. SLA Calendars

Define multiple calendars for different SLA Goals., teams, projects, or other issue groups defined by your customized criteria. SLA PowerBox allows you to set working days, and assign them work hours, add days off, as well as create special support days (e.g. when the end of the fiscal year is coming or a new application launch is planed). Share your holiday settings across many calendars with Holiday Schemes.

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3. SLA Goals

SLA Goals allow you to determine deadline of each SLA Agreement. SLA PowerBox lets you define JQL-based goals easily. You can choose from number of options when creating new goal (e.g. it's possible to define a goal based on issue fields, or directly input time limit). Each goal can be assigned to different calendar to reflect your business needs. You can also track time without specifying any deadline.

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4. SLA Behaviours

Decide when your SLA Metric starts, pauses, resumes, finishes, and is cancelled. Each Metric can be configured separately according to all issue events, including creation, edits, comments and workflow actions. It's fully customizable, perfect for complex SLAs that require applying numerous conditions (you can customize each event reaction by adding extra conditions to it, e.g. SLA Metric pauses when a workflow transition is executed by reporter or assignee).

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5. SLA Agreements

Create as many SLA Agreements as you need. Simply combine an SLA Metric, Goals and Behaviours to get a fully customized SLA Agreement. Assign your agreements to JIRA projects and enjoy automatic calculations! Our add-on stores unlimited number of agreements. You can add them to your JIRA projects and get all SLAs calculated automatically. You can add multiple agreement to a single project to track all necessary issue times. They can start, stop or pause independently.

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6. Reports & Analysis

Sometimes you need some extra information like reports or detailed SLA audit. SLA PowerBox delivers some extra features like easy JQL Search, SLA Metric history and amazing SLA Analytics. Every Service Level Manager will love it. SLA History shows detailed log information (both text and chart) to track when a Metric starts, pauses and resumes. Analytics feature lets you create your own issue-level statistics based on SLA Agreement and any other issue field.

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